Adopt a pony

Build your own fleet of ponies, share it on the app & collect the revenue.

Pony is the only shared micro-mobility scheme to decentralize ownership of its vehicles.

We believe shared vehicles should belong to the people who use them. We let any of our users acquire & share our ponies, ensuring that the profits remain in the local economy.

Adopt a pony

Buy your own pony bikes or scooters.

Recover a part of the earnings

Rent it out to other users and get a share of the profits for each trip you make.

Follow your fleet

Receive live news about your pony's routes, earnings and maintenance.

Every pony's mission is to reduce traffic & pollution, by adopting them you are also contributing to their cause.

  • Angers
  • Poitiers

Garantie 10 mois

1290 EUR
  • 50% revenue share
  • 0cts per ride for maintenance and distribution
  • 10months theft & vandalism cover included
  • 24months rental period
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PS: available ponies all go withing minutes, make sure you are up and running before the adoption open

Maintenance & charging included

The pony team makes sure your bikes and scooters are safe, sound, clean and at the right place for people to find them.

Anti-theft cover

For the duration of the cover, we will replace your pony with a pony of the same age if case of theft or irreversible damage.

Good city relations

Pony entertain close relations with city officials in order to ensure smooth operations.

Join hundreds of pony angels

Get in touch with existing angels to learn more about the adoption scheme.

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